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Being the Victim of a Bad Rumor

Being the Victim of a Bad Rumor

Rumors are easy to spread even when they are false, although some turn out to be true. Be it in the workplace or a household, people talk, and it is easier for information to be dramatized to suit what people think of you. Rumors simply mean people are uncertain of the actual truths to a situation and might want to add some stories to explain the situation better. Whether it comes off as good or bad, people talking behind your back will always be weird. Good rumors spread good information about people, and might not necessarily tarnish a person’s image, but a bad rumor can destroy a person’s reputation as well as destroy certain aspects of their lives.

Certain individuals have been affected by

Certain individuals have been affected by false hearsays to the extent that they had to resort to taking their lives, others just get bold enough to live with them. The most common part of having a rumor told of yourself, is that you end up getting hurt, that a probable false detail is being spread about you. There have been times when bad rumors have changed the lives of the victims for good, but those are fewer times, as compared to the terrible impacts.

Being the Victim of a Bad Rumor

Depression and anxiety are all effects that come as a result of a bad rumor. Victims of bad rumors usually become afraid of getting close or even telling their problems to others because they think it will be used against them in the future. They’re constantly depressed because they cannot get close to others and end up being by themselves all the time. Hearsays might only come off as just harmless gossip, what individuals do not realize is that it causes more damage to the victims.

Some victims end up in therapy, just so you can recover from the impact of the situation. A user on Quora recounted how a rumor was told of herself, which said she was a prostitute in school. It ended up destroying the relationship she had, as well as most of the friends she had at the time. The lady recalls being completely shattered by that rumor and having to live with that reputation for the rest of her life.

Those who spread false hearsay about others usually do it for several reasons. Some reasons are that these gossipers are probably bored and want to talk, or they spread something false or terrible about another so that they feel good about themselves. Others are just evil, who take delight in tarnishing the image of another by saying bad things that might not have even the slightest bit of truth to it. Whichever way it is viewed, bad hearsay will always have a negative side to it, if not entirely negative. The initial stages after hearing these things said behind your back will be hard to deal with and might take a long while to adjust to living with that. Being the victim of a bad rumor is definitely not a pleasing experience, and will always affect the victim.