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Why People Believe Rumors

Why People Believe Rumors

Rumors are fake news or false stories about men, women or things. It can be unverified information about a thing that becomes popular opinion. A rumor can also be a blatant lie that someone knowingly tells to deceive a person. Human beings are eager to share secrets with each other, it is part of human nature to tell tales that contain bits of untruths. In some areas, only a select few are informed of the happenings, this makes other individuals in that area feel left out. Such a person is eager to believe what they are told because of their eagerness to be recognized as a member of a group.

There is a second group that

There is a second group that are simply gullible humans, they have faith in the words of their comrades so believing rumors happens easily with them. Psychologists believe that when any man is prone to trusting in falsehood they are merely victims of humanity. This is because human nature is fraught with several vices like lying and deception. A man who believes anything is likely to fall into several unfortunate circumstances because his gullibility will cause him to be deceived. Rumor carriers believe the story is true, spreading a rumor takes little time.

Why People Believe Rumors

Humanity believes rumors when there is no way to verify its authenticity. Verification can happen at the point where rumor carriers are faced with contrary information on a similar topic but this rarely happens. Another reason humans believe bad tales is that it is the opinion of 75% of the population. Your neighbor thinks the fat dog down the street is a cat, you agree. Rumors are believable, the human mind has the capacity to absorb hundreds of information at once. Considering how much news your brain absorbs every day, it is understandable that it cannot filter the truth from the false.

Human beings are deceptive, the stories they spread are creative and unfathomable. Despite being suspicious of a new theory, humans pass rumors down to generations. This news is transported as news or gossip through the mouth. The media is a vital part of information dissemination, humans believe what the media say since the assumptions that the highlights media houses advertise are verified. To avoid being deceived by fake news, try verifying your sources before passing that information to the next person. Doing this will protect your integrity, you will not be known for telling bad tales.

Bad tales are believable when told with seriousness, the manner of telling tales makes unsuspecting individuals think of it as truth. The factors that affect the extent of belief attributed to a tale are integrity of the source and a category which a tale falls under. Believing bad data shows vulnerability in a person’s character. To avoid carrying a fake story, do not talk too much in your neighborhood. Take your time to understand the story and think about the characters you heard the piece from. Good journalists and storytellers believe what is said, but be wary of unverified personnel in media houses.